Origin Stories


“Origin Stories,” is a small EP of connective tissue, mostly included here for historical reasons. It bridges the gap between old Ramp music, which consisted of very rough, early fooling around by a collective of people beginning around 1990 and petering out as unfinished solo work around 1993, and the modern incarnation of Ramp, which launched with the release of Peristalsis in around 2003.

Download the full album here.



*tap, tap*

Is this machine recording?

Oh hey, hi! See that last post, dated half a year ago, saying that I was going to be reposting all the media shortly after having wiped the site due to possible security breaches? Guess who never actually did that?

Well, if it wasn’t me, this would be a super strange narrative.

My goal is to begin doing that today. That might involve figuring out exactly how I want to do that. If that doesn’t take a long time, I should be done in somewhat short order. If it does take a long time, then it takes a long time. I hope, however, that it won’t.

See you on the flip side! The dark side? The other side? Something like that.

The ballad of the broken egg


Well, it turns out that this long-neglected site has been compromised a few times of late. Efforts were made to contain it at the time, but not to really repair the site. Finally, I decided that the best thing was to simply wipe the slate and start over. I’m re-uploading media and will put together new pages for the albums and songs soon. In the meantime, hang tight!