New Track: Reflector

Surprise! First new track of 2012. 🙂 I’m not sure what else there is to say here other than that I hope you enjoy it! Also, as always, I love hearing your feedback. If you listened, please let me know what you thought!

Reflector: (download)

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Whee technology!

So, it turned out that one of the crossposting plugins that I thought was actually working wasn’t, which occasioned me not only fixing that one, but getting crossposting tools for ALL THE PLACES. So stuff I post here should now automagically show up everywhere. Whee! (Yes, I’m certain that this was worth a post.)

New Track: Sacrifice

Hey, folks! So I’m done with the much-talked-about new track. I hope that you enjoy it. As usual, feedback is quite welcome. Also, if you like it, please feel free to share it and/or this post far and wide — RTs / reblogs / reposts / Likes mean a lot to me.

Sacrifice: (download)

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Productivity is weird

It’s very strange being “back in the studio”. (I put that in quotes because my studio is my den and is primarily just a room with a computer desk and a computer, and I work a day job and spend at most a few hours a day in here working on music, if that.) It hasn’t been that long since I really worked in here, but almost every tool I reached for tonight was flakey because I needed to upgrade to the latest version. I’m also finding it hard to focus on one thing. I’ve spent a while now just sort of distracting myself, flipping between this an that, too stressed to focus on anything and so more just making the time pass. I’m very glad to be able to focus a bit now, but it’s hard to break the habits, to finish a tiny tweak and then move on to the next one rather than say, “Okay, let’s refresh my Tumblr feed.” I’m managing, but it’s taking a lot of conscious thought. Also, while I missed the modular and the MIDI keyboard while I was writing, I just hit the beginning of the mixing stage, and I’m really missing my control surface. Until we move, everything’s going to be like that, but I can deal. Again, it just takes a little thought.

My lack of practice is showing a bit. In particular, the levels are all over the place. However, I’m giving myself a lot of room to go in there and fix things. As such, it may take a little while longer than I initially predicted, although hopefully not too long. I’d say that you should have something within a week or so. (I hope so, because any further than that and it’s going to get pushed back until after the move!)

I’m really hoping that after the move I get a really groove going again. I’ve always been very responsive to mental manipulation through things like changing venues and the like, so this should be a good jumpstart, with any luck!


So, my resolution for 2011 on this blog was to post more tracks than I did in 2010. Easy, right? I mean, I partly made that resolution because 2010 was so darned thin on the ground.

Well, as you can see, that hasn’t been happening. I’m not sure what explanation to offer other than that 2011 wound up being a really challenging year for me in the brain-function department. Coupled with that, preparing for the sale of our condo and move into our new house (happening later this month) involved tearing down my studio, and that lasted a lot longer than expected.

I recently brought home my Virus and, between that and software, have started working again recently. I’ve got a few stubs and ideas going, but it’s looking like I might have something new to post for you soon — hopefully this weekend.

Many thanks to everyone who’s been sticking with me here in the meantime. It means a lot to me.

Updating the Virus at work

Since we’ve been showing our house, I’ve had to dismantle my studio and make it look like a generic computer room, and all my synthesizers are locked in the server room at work. They recently released Virus OS 4.5.2 and then updated it today with 4.5.3, so I decided to pull the Virus out and apply the updates. I can’t even use it here; I have nothing with a 1/4” tip for audio, nor is my computer and its terrible on-board sound card up to the task of handling the USB audio pass-through. Nonetheless, it’s bizarre how soothing just having it here on the desk next to me quietly doing its thing is. It really makes me want to get my studio back and spend some quality time in it.

Incidentally, if you’re an IT professional, you get a lot of weird reactions if people ask what you’re doing and you nonchalantly respond, “Updating my Virus.”

My sixty seconds of not-really-fame?

Apparently one of my songs is going to be played as part of a 25 to 30-piece audio installation consisting of 60-second works at a modern music symposium in Baltimore on October 28th. It’ll be part of either the 9am performance or the noon performance (but not both). I’m trying to decide if it’s worth driving nine hours from Toronto to Baltimore, taking a day off work and staying at least one night in a hotel to see/hear it, for sixty seconds sandwiched between a whole pile of other works. (The symposium is actually a three-day affair, so I suppose I could go for all of it instead of just for the presentation in question.)

I had composed the work specifically for entry in the 60×60 series, which apparently in the electronic incarnation has morphed into this Livewire presentation at UMBC. I was actually surprisingly bummed out when it seemed to have not been selected, but I told myself that probably a hojillion people submitted, and that I think I’d misapprehended what kind of work they were looking for anyway. It turns out that it had been accepted, according to the e-mail that I got, but I guess because the presentation was still upcoming and was in flux, I didn’t hear about it until now.

They contacted me today to get links to where to download a new copy of the track. The e-mail was sent to myself and 45 others, so that presumably is the list of selected people. I don’t know how many people submitted, although it may well be that we were it, given their decision to cut the mix from 60 pieces to two sets of 20-some-odd. I don’t know.

If I get any further information, I’ll let you all know. (Also, obviously the piece in question is Rotor Fine.)

New Studio Setup

So, at long last, I’ve retired my 2006 MacBook Pro and replaced it with a 2011 iMac. In the process, I re-arranged my studio space a bit. Here’s a photo of the preliminary results. Note that I couldn’t get both the work desk and the modular in the same photo, so I left the modular out — you’ve all seen photos of it before. It’s off to the left of where this photo is. Also, there are still some refinements to do. For example, the cables hanging under the desk are going to be twist-tied neatly to the frame, and the stands I made for my music gear need to be sanded a bit to fit better, and have stick-on non-skid rubber added to the bottom and the part that the gear sits on — right now the whole thing slides off a lot. Also, I plan to trim the tops where it peeks over the units. But all in all, I think that the concept works.

Anyway, here’s the photo. I think you should be able to click it to make it larger.

New Track: Statement

It’s been a while, I know. While there’s not that much to report, it’s not because I haven’t been working on things. I’ve got a track underway which has proven quite challenging. I’m not sure if it’ll be one of those things where I work on it and eventually wind up with something that I’m really proud of, or if it’ll be one of those things where it eventually hits a complete dead end, but I’m still chiseling away. In the meantime, I’ve got another track ready for you. I hope you like it! It’s not really a chair-dancer, but I’m pleased with the textures.

Statement: (download)

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