Whee technology!

So, it turned out that one of the crossposting plugins that I thought was actually working wasn’t, which occasioned me not only fixing that one, but getting crossposting tools for ALL THE PLACES. So stuff I post here should now automagically show up everywhere. Whee! (Yes, I’m certain that this was worth a post.)

2 thoughts on “Whee technology!

    • It’s all WordPress plugins for now. The LiveJournal crossposter (which appears to just be called “LiveJournal Crossposter”) was the busted one, but only because apparently they added a pile of settings in the latest version that I had to go set before it would start working again. I also had Twitter Tools installed and working already, which handles Twitter crossposting. The new additions were Tumblrize, for Tumblr, and Add Link To Facebook, for Facebook.

      This does create a slightly undesirable side-effect at the moment, though. :/ Because I have my Tumblr blog set to automatically crosspost to Twitter already, Twitter winds up getting hit twice. The obvious solution would be to remove the Tumblr crossposter on WordPress, but I actually prefer the way it works, plus, it links directly here (whereas just relying on Tumblr crossposting would lead people to my Tumblr blog before they came here). I’d hoped that I could tell Tumblr not to crosspost certain entries with specific tags, but it doesn’t seem to have any configurable options at all. So I might just, for the time being, have to deal with manually deleting the duplicate Tweet each time, and sending in a request to the Tumblr people for the feature.

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