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New Track: Bison


It’s been a while, eh? Yeah, um. Please, if you listen, let me know what you think. It’ll mean a lot to me.

Bison: (download)

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Just fiddling

I haven’t posted here in millenia, and some of that has been that I haven’t been doing a lot of work on music recently, although I’ve done some. My energies have been mostly elsewhere. However, I do still noodle at it once in a while, and it occurred to me that I could post the […]

New Track: A Matter of Time

So, I bet the last thing you expected today was a new Ramp track! For the past while I’ve been trying my hand at a lot of different things, doing less music. However, there have been a couple of things simmering, and one of them finally settled out, so here it is! I hope you […]

New Track: External

Yup, I’m still here. I’ve been working on a few things, but none of them have a lot of forward motion at the moment. This started out as a break from those tracks, and I wound up liking how it turned out. External: (download) As always, comments and feedback are both wonderful.

New Track: Hesi-Re

I debated a lot about holding back tracks until I had an EP or album and then putting them out in that format, but then decided, given the intermittent nature of this all, to just go ahead and keep releasing these as I finish them up. This one took a while — just shy of […]


SoundCloud seems to be taking off by leaps and bounds. I admit that I’m WAY behind the curve on that. However, I’ve just made my most recent album, “Everything Comes Around,” available there. If you’re an ardent SoundCloud user, you can check it out and do all the usual SoundCloudey stuff (commenting, etc.) here. I’m […]


My friend Lora tipped me off about Flattr, a system for making micropayments for content creators and bloggers whose stuff you enjoy. It seems like a pretty workable idea, actually, so I’ve enabled Flattr buttons on all my stuff. That way, if people like a new track, they can click to add it to their […]

New Track and New Album!

So, I’ve gathered all the stray tracks from 2009 to present into an album and titled it, “Everything Comes Along.” For the most part, there’s no need to download it again if you’ve been downloading the individual tracks, but if you want the correct album artwork, track numbering, title, ID3 info., etc., then it might […]

New Track: Reflector

Surprise! First new track of 2012. I’m not sure what else there is to say here other than that I hope you enjoy it! Also, as always, I love hearing your feedback. If you listened, please let me know what you thought! Reflector: (download)

Whee technology!

So, it turned out that one of the crossposting plugins that I thought was actually working wasn’t, which occasioned me not only fixing that one, but getting crossposting tools for ALL THE PLACES. So stuff I post here should now automagically show up everywhere. Whee! (Yes, I’m certain that this was worth a post.)