Justin Bieber Redux

So, as you all knew I would, as soon as I got home, I downloaded that slowed-down Justin Bieber track and sped it up 8x to see what we got.

They’re not lying.  It’s definitely the Bieber song.  However, a lot more has been done to it than just slowing it down 8x.

At first I thought maybe it was a different version — perhaps an “unplugged” version.  I didn’t listen to the original and the re-sped-up version side by side enough to say, but I’d posited that it was a different rendition that felt a lot more soulful and bluesier to me.  However, from reading the comment thread on the post, it appears that it’s just that it was actually slowed down somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10.7x instead of 8x, and that in addition it was knocked down in pitch by a minor second, which presumably account for the change in tone and feel to my ears.

Also, the shimmery, dreamy quality seems to come from a large hall reverb applied to the original prior to slowing it down.  You can definitely hear it when you speed it back up, and it actually imparts the same shimmery, dreamy quality on the original, even though the effect is also sped back up.

To be fair, if you speed it back up by only the mandated 8x factor, don’t shift the pitch back up and leave the reverb on, it’s actually still not a half bad tune to listen to.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting thing.  In a few tracks well prior to the ones on the site here (say around 1991), I used samples of me speaking that I’d made when I had a cold then both slowed down and pitched down by a factor of around 4 to 6, and they sounded awesome, like dragons.  I’ve used small chunks of my own material resampled and stretched or compressed in time before.  Still, this makes me really want to take some earlier ramp tracks and mess with them to see what kind of new material I can generate.

October: Concert Month Redux

I know I posted about this last month, but seriously, what’s with October?  Every good concert coming up in Toronto seems to be in October.  So far I have tickets to six upcoming concerts, and they’re all in October.  (I hope nobody I speak to in October is expecting me to be able to hear them.)

Right now my October Insanity Roster looks like this:

Sat., Oct. 2nd: Swans at Lee’s Palace.
Sun., Oct. 3rd: Deerhoof at Lee’s Palace.
Tue., Oct. 12th: Howard Jones at The Mod Club.
Wed., Oct. 20th: Four Tet at The Mod Club.
Sun., Oct. 24th: Ryuichi Sakamoto at the Queen Elizabeth.
Wed., Oct. 27th: Recoil at the Opera House.

As far as I know, the Ryuichi Sakamoto show is the only one that’s seated, so if anybody wants to join me for any of the other shows, it shouldn’t be a problem going together if you just buy tickets on your own.

Still no news on any North American dates for the two-day Einstürzende Neubauten 30th Anniversary tour.  🙁